Elastiderm Review

Caitlin Brown

By: Caitlin Brown

Elastiderm claims that you can get your skin back to a point where it will SNAP back into place after you pull it out with greater elasticity. It is sold like all Obagi products, only through doctors’ offices, and they claim that it will boost collagen and replenish elastin to give you that younger look again. They claim to have clinical studies, even citing specific numbers. They focus on the idea that it’s not a moisturizer and gives you results in normal to oily skin.

Price: Unknown

Ingredients and Mechanism of Action:

Elastiderm includes what they call a bimineral complex using copper zinc malonate. Essentially speaking, these are all interesting minerals, but none of them actually fight wrinkles. Zinc could potentially fight acne, but that’s about it. So you would waste your money on a glorified acne treatment that would be more expensive because it was coming from your doctor.

Overall Impression of Elastiderm:

Elastiderm is a poor substitute for a real wrinkle cream. It doesn’t have any wrinkle fighting ingredients, it doesn’t promote collagen growth, and it doesn’t renew elastin. It really doesn’t do anything judging by the ingredients they have chosen to reveal. So you would just be wasting time and money on a doctor prescribed treatment that nonetheless doesn’t work.

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